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There are a couple of problems with this plan. The first is that the pathologies of the increased gambling will be borne entirely by Connecticut itself -- the addiction, the theft, and the concentration of wealth, its transfer from the public to the government and the tribes and the weakening of nearby businesses. The second is that if casino gambling is to become pervasive, and not a special thing in special places -- first Las Vegas, then Atlantic City, then southeastern Connecticut, then Indian reservations throughout the country, and soon nearly everywhere -- why should Connecticut let any group monopolize it? That is, for casino purposes, who needs Indians anymore? (Really, who ever did?) As New London Day columnist David Collins writes, last week the general counsel of MGM Resorts, Uri Clinton, told a General Assembly committee that his company will pay Massachusetts and Springfield far more for its casino rights than Connecticut's Indian tribes are paying state government. That is, state government continues to sell itself short for the benefit of the tribes. The MGM Resorts executive also noted that if it really wants to compete with casinos in other states, Connecticut is forfeiting its most lucrative opportunity, which is not near the Massachusetts line but in Fairfield County, since a casino in Bridgeport, rejected years ago, might สโบเบท อนไลน์ pantip draw heavily from the New York metropolitan area. Indeed, instead of opening a mere "interceptor" casino near Massachusetts, why not open a full-fledged casino, entertainment, and sports venue in the north-central part of the state? After all, Connecticut just happens to have a bankrupt capital city whose downtown is adjacent to both a big arena whose expensive renovations state government can't afford and a new minor-league baseball stadium the city can't afford. If such a venue could be competently operated, it might overshadow MGM's operation in Springfield and push some of the burden of gambling's pathologies back out of state.

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