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The Best Super Bowl Commercials, From Avocados to Zelda Still, even if they know the right thing to do, very few people actually play perfect basic strategy. Why? Because humans are subject to cognitive bias. Thats what brought the Falcons down tonight. Its more complex than blackjack, of course, but there is a basic strategy for football coaching. If you analyze the thousands of football games played in the last 10 years, you can devise a set of rules that almost always lead to a win. Computers do the hard work: They take all the possible situations and calculate the probability of each outcome. A coach could input possession, down, distance, and score and come up with one best decision for the team at that moment. All you need to do is follow the math. But, like in blackjack, it can be hard to keep focus on time-tested statistical strategies under stress. Lets start midway through the third quarter, when the Falcons were up 28-3.

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The side bets need to generate enough revenue to make up that difference as well as paying the licensing fee. If and when electronic payoffs become more widely accepted, you can expect to see more side bets. Systems already exist to offer multiple side bets at the same table. Even at dealer-assisted, semi-automated tables where a human deals the cards but wagering is on an electronic betting pad, the side bets dont slow down the game. Theyre made instantly by the computerize system, and the game moves on. QUESTION: My wife and I were playing penny slots together, and she was playing Goldfish. Its a game shes liked for a long time, and she usually gets a bonus really often. This day, not so much. She was going dozens of spins at a time with no bonus, and that game is no fun without bonuses.

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